10 Reasons To Consider Permanent Make-Up

10 Reasons To Consider Permanent Make-Up

The idea of putting cosmetic needles anywhere near your face might, at first, seem like a daunting prospect, but these types of procedure which see lasting pigment injected into the eye line, eyebrow or lips to replicate the appearance of beautifully applied make-up, are becoming increasingly popular.

Here are just ten of the most common reasons why our clients tell us they love permanent make-up treatments:

“I can avoid allergies and protect my sensitive skin.”

Sensitive or allergic skin that reacts negatively to regular cosmetics, either by becoming dry, itchy or sore, or by causing flare-ups of conditions like eczema means that many women miss opportunities to enjoy the confidence boosting perks of make-up that help them look and feel their best.

“I can just get on with sports.”

Cosmetics, while part of daily life for most women aren’t always a practical addition to busy, active lifestyles and they’re often incompatible with refreshing swims or invigorating workouts that make you sweat.

With permanent make-up, you can go anywhere and do anything knowing that your cosmetics won’t fade, run or need touch-ups.

“I always know it’s applied properly!”

Precise cosmetic application requires three things: quality products, steady hands and a little creative flair. Getting it right takes a lot of practice and sometimes, no matter how hard you try to master things like winged eyeliner, a lack of skill can knock your confidence instead of boosting it.

With a professionally tattooed application, your eyeliner will be on point every time.

“I can’t do regular make-up.”

Lifelong or developed physical impairments can make cosmetic applications particularly challenging and stressful, but taking the time to look your best shouldn’t be a negative experience and with permanent make-up, it won’t be.

“It saves me so much time.”

We lead increasingly busy lives and finding the time to apply or refresh make-up throughout the day can eat into our valuable time. By taking a new approach to your daily cosmetics regime, you can free up time to do other, more fulfilling things.

“I actually spend less money.”

As well as saving the time otherwise spent on applying and shopping around for cosmetics, you could potentially save money too.

British women spend on average £1700 to £2300 per year on beauty products, but permanent eyeliner, for example, while more expensive than an individual product, will last 1-5 years depending on your lifestyle.

“I look like me, just…better.”

Like any sort of cosmetic, permanent make-up should be applied according to your individual needs, so if you need a light touch to enhance the lip line or fill out patchy growth in eyebrows, a totally natural look can be achieved.

“I can rely on it as a quality base.”

Getting permanent make-up does not mean that you’re restricted to one look for as long as the pigments last! It can be worn alone or relied upon as a base for more dramatic looks so you can easily change your style to suit your mood or the occasion.

“I need help to choose the right look.”

It’s very difficult for anyone to assess their own appearance objectively and decide which kind of cosmetic style flatters their natural colouring and shaping best. With any Faye McCann treatment, you will be offered a consultation to find the right look for your personality and lifestyle.

“I trust Faye!”

The increasing popularity of permanent make-up means that the number of salons offering these types of treatment have flourished, but it also means that clients can be at risk of undergoing lasting cosmetic applications with personnel who perhaps lack the necessary skills and experience.

When you choose Faye McCann for your treatments, you can relax in the knowledge that you are in safe hands. Trained by celebrity stylist, Tracie Giles, Faye is highly qualified, experienced and most of all dedicated to giving each client the very best service.

To find out more about permanent make-up, simply get in touch!