Customer Reviews



“I would recommend anyone to do this. I would do it a million times over. I wasted years being insecure over my brows and you have helped me become confident and proud of my brows. There’s women everywhere that have the same insecurities I had. If they only knew permanent makeup would give them the confidence they so desperately deserve and need, everyone would do it.”

Jennifer Davidson


“I am so glad to have Faye touch up my eyeliner and full lips! So nice to find someone so knowledgable and professional. Well worth it.”

Lorraine Wilson


“Faye is very friendly, honest and professional. She knows what she is doing and does it very well. I am in love with my brows and plus the fact that I don’t have to draw them on !!!”

Louise Edwards


“Faye is wonderful! I had my eyebrows done and she explains everything to you and answers your questions before and during the procedure. It is not painless but it is certainly tolerable. She uses numbing ointment which really helps with the discomfort. It feels like a little prickly ball rolling around on your skin. I am so happy with my eyebrows!”

Mandy James


“This was my first experience with permanent makeup and I am very happy with my eyebrows. She asked how I was doing often and answered my questions, and had me look at my eyebrows several times throughout so I could give feedback. The shape of my eyebrows are perfect and I couldn’t be happier!”

Holly Smith